Yarn Ball Winders & Swifts

Our U-nitt premium HEAVY DUTY yarn ball winder has a new look now! Dark green cast iron electrostatic painted body with high quality nylon cogwheels for a quiet and smooth operation. Same 10 oz capacity. U-nitt Metal Jumbo yarn ball winder is designed to last a life time. This beautifully crafted yarn ball winder U-nitt ML702 can turn your yarn, fiber, wool, cotton, string, or laces into a center pull ball of up to 10 oz in no time! This machine has a modular design that allows for parts being switched out and replaced easily. The winder can be clamped onto a table up to 2" thick. Additional cones are available for purchase. No tools are required for assembly. Cone size: 4.75 inches high/6 inches in diameter at base. 1-year manufacturer warranty for parts, replacements, or repair. This machine works with (or without) our U-nitt Yarn Swift TH085.

Yarn Swift TH085

U-nitt Wooden Yarn Swift TH085
$49.95 $35.00

U-nitt Spare Cones White for ML702

  • Fits U-nitt ML702 yarn ball winder
  • Capacity: 9-10 oz center pull balls
  • Size: 4.75 inches high/6 inches in diameter at base
$20.00 $8.50