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U-nitt pure Copper Rain Chain: bucket cup 8 - 1/2 ft #8146D

Rain chains are a true delight when it comes to rain! Replace your traditional downspout with this show stopping pure copper rain chain that guides the rain water down while creating visible soothing rain sound; use this rain chain as a focal point of your water garden at your favorite corner; 8.5 ft standard length; additional links or cups can be purchased separately here; gutter clip is included for easy DIY installation. This product comes with an extended 3-year warranty.
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  • Rain Chains look great work great and sound great! No more boring downspouts! Install one of these at your front porch or backyard for added curb appeal. This farmhouse 2-tone pure copper rain chain features a classic bucket cup design, treated with natural verdigris that gives an aged look, heavy duty material and detail oriented craftsmanship. Imported from India.
  • CHAIN LENGTH: 8.5 feet; 10 cups in total. FULL LENGTH. Additional length can be purchased from U-nitt Rain Chains.
  • RAIN CHAIN FLOW CAPACITY: medium (check capacity guide); Cup Size: top diameter 3.25" , bottom diameter 2.1", bottom opening 1", height 3.1"
  • INSTALLATION is a breeze with U-nitt rain chain hanging accessories: drop the included V-clip in your roof gutter and hang this product right out of the box! Rainwater channels down the rain chain and drains to ground, a watering can, a planter, a rain barrel or a basin bowl, or even a spillbowl or water fountain! – This series includes pure copper (#8146), pure copper with verdigris (#8146D), blue aluminum (#8146BLU), and black aluminum (#8146BLK).
  • U-nitt Quality Assurance: we use only top quality materials for all our rain chains and accessories; please return for a full refund if not fully satisfied; please contact us for production information, extension cups / replacement services, and product warranty.
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