About Us

U-nitt® is a registered trademark for U-nitt LLC, a wholesaler and retailer of high quality rain chains and garden decors. We strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience, high quality products at great values.

Established in 2007, U-nitt has set a standard for high quality products with value added outstanding customer service. U-nitt premium rain chains are designed to last a life time. Each rain chain measures 8.5 feet long with a V clip included for easy DIY installation. Copper or aluminum rain chains are made from heavy gauge metal sheets. Links/cups are removable for adjustable length. Additional cups/links can be purchased here by choosing style # and then click on ADD TO CART next to "single cup extension".

Not just a garden decor, these rain chains are actually functional in collecting rain water while producing a soothing and delightful natural sound. The end of the rain chain can be staked into the ground or hooked to a basin or directed into a barrel for water conservation.

Most of our rain chains are solid pure copper. They are sized generously at least 8 1/2 ft long. Links and cups can be easily removed or added to fit your gutter.

Replace your ordinary looking downspout with something extrodinary! These rain chains will develop a natural brown patina finish over the years, which adds beauty and a touch of age to your water garden.

Easy installation. As part of our paper reduction effort, instructions are not included in the product packaging, but you can view the instructions here.

U-nitt Pure Copper Rain Chains

  • 100% pure heavy gauge copper
  • solid copper for cups and links, no hollow parts
  • long lasting
  • soothing rain sound
  • forms a natural patina finish after aging in weather
  • It is normal for ORIGINAL UNFINISHED COPPER rain chains to get spots after 4-6 weeks of use and start tarnishing with weather and slowly turn to a natural patina look sometimes green and sometimes darker depending on the weather. Changing color is a natural process and a sign of originality. Please do not purchase copper rain chains if you are not happy with the color changing process. Use an aluminum rain chain instead.

U-nitt Aluminum Rain Chains

  • versatile and light weight
  • bright colors
  • weather resistant
  • long lasting

Be Creative! 

  • Use your rain chain as a water feature
  • Rain chain basin can be an alternative to bird bath
  • Use a water pump to see and hear water even when it’s not raining
  • Create a water garden with a rain chain, water loving plants, and rocks
  • Use a rain barrel at the end of rain chain to collect rain water

From our customers:

I can tell you that I absolutely love my rain chain. It is very sturdy and well made. The color is gorgeous and the length is longer than others I was researching. It works very well and I love watching the water flow through the rain chain. I would buy from your company again with no hesitation. Thank you for a quality product. Barbara Barnes, Barb's Home Improvements May 22, 2018

We shopped A LOT to find the perfect chain. We had reservations about ordering on line but loved the design, so we ordered. The chain surpassed our expectations! The cups are full size and hang beautifully. It is high quality. We recommend this company and this product. Janice. June 11, 2018

When it rains it can be hypnotizing. It can relieve gutter overflow and at the same time be visually enticing. This downspout in the middle of a picture window looks attractive when it rains it's center of attraction. Alfred Stukuls August 4, 2018