About Us

U-nitt Premium Rain Chains

Rain Chains come to our urban North American playgroud with various names: rain water catcher, water diverter, metal downspout, decorative downspout, rain gutter chain, rain chimes and bells, etc. Whatever they are called, rain chains are a true delight when it comes to rain! Replace your boring downspout with a non-traditional rain chain and make an otherwise gloomy rainy day playful. Not only it channels rain water down with minimal splashing, it creates a soothing rain sound and adds beauty to your curb appeal. A new focal point of your home and the envy of your neighbors! All U-nitt rain chains are 8.5 feet of length (full length). Extension cup orders are by number of cups or links.

How to Hang a Rain Chain

With easy hanging accessories included, hanging a U-nitt rain Chain is a breeze: Just drop the V-shaped gutter clip into your roof gutter and hang your rain chain from it. A rain chain adapter/installer offers better water control (replaces the gutter clip) and creates a seamless look for your home and garden.

Copper rain chain vs. plastic downspout

The choice is yours: Copper refining process produces the least amount of CO2 compared to aluminum and iron; Copper recycles easily and is environmentally friendly; Copper patinas rather than rusts, creating a lifelong experience for your home.

Copper Care

It is normal for ORIGINAL UNFINISHED/UNTREATED COPPER to get spots after 4-6 weeks of use and start tarnishing with weather and slowly turn to a natural patina look sometimes green and sometimes darker depending on the weather. Changing color is a natural process and a sign of originality.

Shipping and Returns

Free shipping for all rain chain orders shipped to 48 continental U.S. states. 

International customers: Please contact us for shipping rate. 

Returns are accepted within 30 days after order is received. Returns have to be in original condition.

About U-nitt

U-nitt was founded in 2007 as woman-owned small business. Innovation, quality and selection have always been our priority. In the past 10 years, U-nitt redesigned the traditional Japanse rain chains to work with our rain gutter systems and weather elements with added functionality. U-nitt continues to bring value to our homes and gardens all across the country.