U-nitt 10" Aluminum basin / spill bowl / dish for Rain Chain: with Attachment Chain, Black, #970BLK

This 10 in. black powder coated aluminum spillbowl adds abundant beauty to your water garden when attached to the end of your rain chain. This bowl can be a great birdbath alternative when used alone. For services and comments, call U-nitt customer service at 812 251 9980 or visit www.u-nitt.com.
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  • RAIN CHAIN ANTHORING BASIN COMPLETES THE LOOK: use it to secure the end of your rain chain or as a stand alone birdbath. This bowl features powder coated heavy duty aluminum and an elongated scupper for better water control.
  • DESIGNED WITH FUNCTIONALITY IN MIND: instant water fountain when it rains! Create a cascading look with 2 or more of this product.
  • SIZE: top diameter 10 in; bottom diameter 5 in; height 3 in; chain length 9 in.
  • INSTALLATION is a breeze with Included anchoring chain: just link the chain to the last cup of your rain chain and make sure this bowl sits on the ground or a solid surface. :
  • U-NITT QUALITY ASSURANCE: we use only top quality materials for all our rain chains and accessories; please return for a full refund if not fully satisfied; please ask U-nitt for product information, extension cups / replacement services, and warranty.
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