U-nitt Rain Chain Single Cup Extension #3148BRZ: one cup with upper and lower links

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U-nitt Rain Chain: Bronze Charm 8 - 1/2 ft #3148BRZ

Rain chains are a true delight when it comes to rain! Replace your traditional downspout with this show stopping bronze powder coated aluminum rain chain that guides the rain water down while creating visible soothing rain sound; use this rain chain as a focal point of your water garden at your favorite corner; 8.5 ft standard length; additional links or cups can be purchased separately here; gutter clip is included for easy DIY installation. This product comes with an extended 3-year warranty.
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U-nitt Black Gutter Adapter / Installer for Rain Chain #975BLK

This adapter replaces the gutter clip (V clip) included with each rain chain and gives a more secure and flawless fit and minimizes splash. This product is backed by U-nitt full money back guarantee; for services and comments, call U-nitt customer service at 812 251 9980 or visit www.u-nitt.com